Hail Damage

Hail Damage Exterior Repair & Replacement Specialists

From time to time we receive unexpected, harsh storms that bring hail which can lead to home damages. If your home has been damaged by a hail storm, the Hulton Contracting team is here to help. We are proud to provide our hail damage services to those in need in the Pennsylvania & New Jersey area.

How It Works

  • If your property has faced any hail damages, our team will come out and assist the homeowner with any emergency repair
  • Walk through the claims process and do the installation
  • Offering free inspections!

In the Case of an Emergency

Hulton Contracting is offering free emergency repairs to hold your home over until the actual installation! We are legitimate contractors, not storm chasers. We want to help homeowners who have faced unexpected damages to their property from hail damage. 

Questions to ask yourself to avoid storm chasing scammers

1. Does the company im talking to live and work in the Tri-state?
2. Does the company im talking to have appropriate vehicles and equipment for residential roofing.
3. Does the company have a solid and reliable social media presence and reviews?

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