How to Tell When A Roof Was Last Replaced

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How to Tell When A Roof Was Last Replaced

Roofs are crucial to protect us from harsh weather conditions and need to be occasionally replaced. However, not everyone can tell how long they have been there, especially for rented apartments. Knowing when it was last replaced is critical so you can prepare ahead if you need to get a new roof. And, if you need a reliable ally in your roofing endeavors, Hulton Contracting is just a click away. Read more to learn how to predict the last time a roof was replaced. Follow along as we dive into four solid methods for determining the age of your roof.

Examine the Shingles

Begin your examination by examining the shingles. Shingles, like tree wrinkles, frequently provide a visible timeline. Curled edges and bald patches may indicate old age, whereas a uniform appearance suggests a relatively young roof.

Paper Trail in the Attic

Enter the attic with a torch and a sense of adventure. Look for any documentation, particularly those about home upgrades. Receipts or invoices can provide helpful information on when your roof was last upgraded.

Check the Building Permits

If the roof was renovated, the permits filed with municipal authorities can be a gold mine. These records authenticate the changes and reveal the chronological order of changes. Begin by calling your city’s building department. Most governments keep detailed records of all residential property licenses issued. You may be required to supply your property address and an estimated date when the work was completed.

Talk to Your Neighbors 

This is a subtle yet effective strategy. Your neighbors might know when the roofs in your neighborhood were last replaced. Shared housing histories are frequent, and a casual conversation can provide valuable community information. People who have been in the area for a long time are in the best position to help you. However, you must have interpersonal skills to engage them to get such info.

Seeing Sun Reflection Through the Roof

Detecting the last time a roof was replaced requires visual signals and scrutiny. Look for evidence of wear, such as shingle condition, color variations, or wear patterns. Engage the services of an expert for a comprehensive assessment, significantly if the property has recently changed hands. By combining these strategies, homeowners may create a timetable and make educated decisions about the upkeep or replacement of their roofs.

Contact Hulton Contracting

Each approach is a distinct cipher that contributes to the larger story. By integrating these hints, you may develop a complete timeline of your roof’s journey through time. But suppose the history of your roof remains a mystery, and you need professional aid. In that situation, Hulton Contracting is ready to assist you. The professionals can decipher your roof’s tale, offering clarity where ambiguity formerly ruled, thanks to years of knowledge and a keen eye for roofing intricacies.

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