Ice Dams & How to Prevent Them

ice dams

Ice Dams & How to Prevent Them

For anyone living in an area that gets cold enough for snow and freezing temperatures, ice dams can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The damage they cause can amount to costly repair work and even cause dangerous conditions for people or pets in and around the home. Thankfully, proactive work can prevent ice dams, saving you time, money, and frustration.

What Are Ice Dams?

Ice dams only occur in the winter when conditions allow snow to accumulate on our roofs. When warm air from inside the home rises into the attic, it can begin to melt the snow on top of the home. 


The problem is when the melting snow reaches the gutters, which lie too far away from the home to benefit from its heat. The melting snow then re-freezes in the gutters, building up over time. 


As this process continues and the melting snow has nowhere to go, it can begin to seep underneath the roofing. With enough melting water, the shingles can begin to shift, suffer damage, or even cause a leak. 

How to Prevent Ice Dams

The accumulation of icicles on the edge of your gutters is a good sign that your home has an ice dam. While they may be nice to look at, they can spell disaster for your roof. There are several ways to prevent ice dams from happening or to address them once they occur.

Clean Your Gutters Before Winter

Keeping your gutters clear of debris can make a huge difference in preventing ice dams. If your gutters are full, there’s even less room for that melting snow to go, causing ice dams to build up quickly. Clean gutters will help to keep this snowmelt flowing.

Blast It With a Fan

If there is one particular spot on your roof where an ice dam has formed, blowing cold air in its direction from inside your attic can help end the melting. This isn’t a permanent solution, but it can help prevent the ice dam from getting any worse until you figure out how to address it.

Rake Your Roof After Snowfall

If inches of snow have fallen and there’s no sign of a warmup in sight, using a roof rake to remove the snow from your roof can be a very effective way to prevent ice dams from occurring. With less snow on your roof, you won’t get that extensive accumulation of melted snow hitting your gutters and clogging things up.

Ventilate Your Attic

Proper ventilation can be a worthy investment to ensure your roof isn’t susceptible to ice dams. It’s best to call in a professional roofing company that will know the industry standards to keep your attic well-ventilated and your gutters free from ice dams.

Trust Hulton Contracting to Protect Your Roof

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to protect your home from ice dams, Hulton Contracting has the answer to rid you of them once and for all. Contact Hulton Contracting today to learn more about how our services stop ice dams in their tracks. Contact Hulton Contracting today by phone at (887)766-3760 or email us at We look forward to helping you get your home back to perfection!

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