Roofing Coating Systems

AcryLabs Renewable Roofing Systems specializing in fluid-applied roof membranes

Committed to sustainability, Hulton Contracting chooses to use AcryLabs Roofing Systems. AcryLabs is the roofing systems leader in the production of 100% acrylic elastomeric coatings and fluid-applied roof systems for the industrial, commercial, and construction industries. AcryLabs roofing system is a fluid-applied, seamless, fully adhered membrane that protect your commercial property with the most technologically advanced polymeric roof systems. We are proud to provide our renewable roofing systems to commercial buildings in Pennsylvania & New Jersey area.

Application of AcryLabs Renewable Roofing System

The AcryLabs Renewable Roofing System can virtually be applied to all existing roof surfaces, including EPDM, TPO, Asphalt, and all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These systems are fluid-applied to cover your existing surfaces and exhibit exceptional durability and weather ability. Reduce your energy costs today with this UV-resistant roofing system.

Benefits of Cool Roofing Systems

While AcryLabs Roofing Systems come in a wide range of colors, choosing white coating has proven to give the internal and external environment of the structure a positive impact on cooling the entire structure. The owner of the structure will see immediate befits from the cooling technology as our roof systems ensure that excessive heat does not develop on the roof. With minimal excess heat, your will notice a decrease in the price of your air conditioning and HVAC systems. Make a change today with Hulton Contracting and reap the benefits of AcryLabs cool roofing technology! The use of cool roofing technology improves the air quality in our atmosphere while remaining cost-effective and, in most cases, eliminating costly roof tear-offs.

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