Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

We published a blog last august, discussing signs that you need a new roof. We wanted to follow up on that blog with some additional signs that you should reach out to a professioal! You should always consider replacing your roof when it looks worn out and old. If you ignore the signs and do not replace the roof, it could collapse. Thus, you have to notice the warning signs and determine the right time to replace the roof.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Here are some signs that indicate that you need roof replacement:

1.      Dark Streaks

Did you notice dark streaks and stains on the ceilings? If yes, then it is a sign of moisture. Moisture can cause further damage the roof, walls, and structure of the house. The leaks might not be visible, but they will become clearer after a few days or weeks.

2.      Water Damage or Leaks

A leak on the roof is `a major sign for roof replacement. Even a small leak can grow in size and cause severe damage. A professional roof repair team can fix the leak problem by identifying and repairing the damage. You must replace the roof if repairing is not possible.

3.      Wildlife Damage

Wildlife creatures often create homes on old roofs, which can causes severe damage to the shingles. You can repair the small holes to prevent major damage. If you cannot fix the holes, replacing the roof is the only solution.

4.      Decaying Shingles

Wood roofing material rots when its time is over, while asphalt becomes brittle and decays. If a few shingles start to curl, crack, and fall, you can replace them. However, when several shingles become weak, you should consider replacing the roof.

5.      Light Shining Through Roof Boards

If you want to identify roof damage, go to your attic and turn off the lights. If you see a streak of light reaching inside the attic through holes, you have a damaged roof. This is an obvious sign that indicates that you have damaged shingles or roofs. In this condition, you should repair or replace the roof and if there is too much damage, you need to replace the roof.


Do you have a damaged roof? If yes, then you should consult with a professional team. At Hulton Contracting, we have an expert team that can identify the right time for roof replacement and repair or replace damaged roofs with high-quality materials. If you want to replace your roof with new material, give us a call.

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