Spring Roofing Maintenance Tips

Spring Roofing Maintenance Tips

The roof is an important component of your house and requires regular maintenance. Your roof might develop various problems if you fail to maintain it. Severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong wind can damage your roof, which can result in roof leaks, curling edges of the shingles, and water pooling.

Heavy rain and high wind are common in the spring season. That’s why you should inspect and maintain the roof before spring. By performing spring roof maintenance you can identify weak spots in the roof and repair them before things get worse.

Spring Roofing Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to maintain your roof before spring:

1.      Inspect for Signs of Leaks

You should start the maintenance with a visual leak check. Visual checks tell a lot about the general roof’s condition. Also, inspect the attic and ceilings for damage or leaks. If you identify damp insulation or water damage, consult a professional roof cleaning service provider.

2.      Cut Extending Tree Branches

Check for overhanging branches near the roof. If you notice that the branches of the nearby tree are extending to your roof, trim them down. Extending branches can dislodge the grit or damage the shingles. Also, there are risks that the branches will fall after the first strong spring wind. Thus, you have to ensure that the tree branches don’t touch your roof.

3.      Clean Your Gutters

Snow on the roof prevents debris from flowing down the gutter. As a result, debris forms a disc, blocking the downspouts and gutters. Sometimes, twigs and leaves can be the reason for the blockage, which can lead to water pooling and might result in severe roof damage. Thus, it is important to clean the gutters and downspout before spring. Cleaning your gutters includes various risks, which is why you must contact a professional team for the job.

4.      Hire a Professional Team

A professional roof cleaning team can perform the spring maintenance process without any mishaps. They will perform an inspection and detect the problem for immediate repairs. A trained team can identify major as well as minor issues. What’s more, they can resolve critical problems such as missing or damaged shingles, cracked chimneys, and curling edges of shingles.


Climbing the ladders to inspect and clean the roof can be dangerous. It would be best to hire a professional team for new roofing work and eliminate the risks of roof damage. Hulton Contracting can help you with new roof installation. We have professional teams with years of roof repairing and installing experience. Want to learn more? If yes, then give us a call now.

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