Warning Signs That Your House Needs Its Siding Replaced

Damaged siding on house
Not only is siding visually appealing but it is crucial to the structural integrity of your home. If damaged your home is at risk for several long-term issues that will not be easy to fix! Many homeowners are not educated on the signs of siding damage and end up having to replace more than just their siding. Save yourself the hassle of big expensive repairs and make sure you can recognize when it is time to call in a professional to take care of siding damage. If the siding on your house has any of the following issues it is a warning sign that it will soon need to be replaced: 

Weather Damage

A visual sign that it is time to replace your siding is peeling, fading, and cracking. Peeling, cracking, and fading are visible signs of weather damage to the siding. This usually occurs from a combination of sun exposure and frost. If you notice any of these signs it means it is time to replace your siding. 

High Energy Bills 

Does your home have inconsistent temperatures? Are you spending extra each month on electric bills? This could be a result of nonvisible holes in your siding and means it is time to replace it. Help balance the temperature in your home and save money by getting your siding replaced.

Warped Siding

Warped siding is another visual sign that your siding is in need of replacement. If your siding is showing signs of warping it lets you know that there is water damage underneath the siding and that you are in need of a replacement. 

Damaged Panels 

If your siding has any physical damage on it this is a telling sign that it is time to replace it. Visible signs of physical damage on panels may warrant a full replacement, typically when physical damage has been left unrepaired it is impossible to solely fix the damaged panel(s). If damage has been caused by insects it may reveal a widespread problem that can only be repaired by a full replacement. 

Mold Growth

If you notice mold or fungus developing on your siding it is a good idea to replace your siding as soon as possible. Mold growth is a sign of water damage to the siding and needs to be repaired immediately. Seeking professional help is the best thing you can do when you notice signs of siding damage. Our team at Hulton Contracting will do our best to assess the present damage and let you know if we can repair the damage or if a full replacement will be required. Contact us today to request a free estimate and learn more about our siding services!

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