What Siding Colors Are Trending In 2024?

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What Siding Colors Are Trending In 2024?

Dress to impress; this isn’t only true for you but also for your house. The exterior of your house is what makes the first impression on your visitors or passersby. It tells a lot about the owner of a house without you meeting. You get a taste of their personality, values, and economic standing. 2023 was a good year for vibrantly colored exterior Siding colors, but 2024 seems to be going for more sophisticated and brutalist ones. Siding needs replacing from time to time, and it’s essential to consider which siding colors are trending in the year 2024 to impress. These are the most popular ones currently.


If you were to point to the classic home of 2024, you might see the color linen. It continues to be a sophisticated and elegant alternative to classic white while offering a distinct style. Linen screams that you are proud and ready to be your person. This color is durable and timeless, and its subtle grey tinge pairs perfectly with grey accents and white trims.


When you think of cobalt, deep feelings of the ocean, coastal serenity, and a certain type of lull come to mind. That’s why cobalt is perfect for homes by the coast. It transforms even the most lackluster homes into marvelous pieces of architecture, a veritable oasis in a wasteland.

Classic White

White is timeless and highly underappreciated; it’s simple, clean, and can go with any architectural style. Classic white is also perfect if you are going for a more traditional home, as it blends beautifully with the old American homes from the 60s.


Clay, as the name suggests, embodies natural beauty and rusticness. Its soft, greenish nature can help make your home the personification of the essence of the earth and nature. A wonderful color for those with a modest lifestyle, it is no wonder it has become quite trendy this year.

Slate Gray

Balance and boldness, neutral but striking—these adjectives are perfect representations of slate Gray. It is a versatile color that can be applied to various architectural styles, adapting to any environment or use case. Versatility as a trait is very popular in 2024, and Slate Gray has it in flying colors.

Soft Gray

Neutral and muted, soft Grey is a statement that gives various pieces of architecture a personality. This personality can ooze sophistication, modernity, organization, and efficiency. This color was trendy in 2023 but has recently gained some resurgence in 2024.

Charcoal Gray

Despite being a darker shade of gray, charcoal Gray is brimming with personality, which has made it trendy this year, especially with a rise in interest in contemporary architecture. The rise in interest in contemporary architecture might be due to a need for many people to deviate away from the blocky and efficient styles of modern architecture and yearn for the widely creative and distinct styles of the early 20th century.

Sage Green

Sage green is subtle and calming, evoking a sense of belonging and oneness. It allows your building to blend with nature, creating a genuine, trendy home of the 21st century. This siding color pairs well with trim colors and homes in rural or forest areas.

Nordic Blue

Among all the trending siding colors this 2024, Nordic Blue has to be the most unique. Its intense, deep blue color blends perfectly with various colors, invoking the northern sky’s infinite depth and calm. If you are looking for a color for a home far from civilization and the lights of the city, this might just do it for you.

Brick Red

Classic and timeless, even in this modern age, the red brick color is still as trendy as ever. It’s dynamic, but simultaneously, the muted color evokes a sense of elegance, sophistication, and structure in your building. This siding color helps you project the sense that you are someone with traditional morals and life structure.

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2024 is just past its first quarter, meaning there’s still time for trends to shift as the year goes on, but one thing is sure: 2024 will surely be a unique year concerning siding colors. Don’t miss out on the trending siding colors to elevate your home aesthetics. If you want to install new siding on your home in Bucks or Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, choose Hulton Contracting for quality siding installation. Get a free estimate by calling (877)766-3760 or completing a form online!

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